Repairing a bricked FTDI USB -> Serial Adapter on WIndows 8.1

I was playing around with an Arduino Nano Clone and programmed it via an USB <-> RS232 Adapter. At first it worked fine, but then the Board was not recognized. I was surprised because this Driver which Bricks the those fake FTDI chips has been withdrawn and FTDI changed their approach. At the time i was Running Win 8.1 and i couldn’t  find a complete Fix which did work for me.  This is what worked for me and Maybe it works for you too. I zipped the needed and modified Files the download is here.


Steps To Repair

1) Uninstall the Driver (Win + Break / Pause -> Device Manager -> Right click on the unkown Device -> Uninstall)


2) Install the new (old v2.08.30 ) Driver. I modified the inf files to work with the 0000 PID (Right click on the unkown Device -> Search for th Driver on PC -> Browse the List of Devices -> Click on  Storage Device and browse to the modified Drivers). Howto to Change the Inf Files in German ( )




3) If Windows doesn’t want to install the unsigned Drivers you will need to Disable the Driver Signature Verification (Win + i -> click on the Power Button -> shift click on Restart -> Troubleshoot -> Advanced Options -> Startup Settings -> Restart -> Hit F7 when on the Dialog screen -> Repeat step 2). Here is a full Guide

4) Install FT_Prog (Version worked for me) open FT_Prog F5 ->USB Device Descriptor -> Custom VID/PID  select  Custom VID/PID -> Change Product ID to 6001 -> Ctrl + P



FTDI Drivers and FT_Prog


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Cheap entry to Arduino

There are a lot of guides how to get started with arduino. I just wanted to list some Hardware which you can use.

Plug and Play Solution, just plug in the USB cable and you are good to go.

– genuine  arduino  20€ / 26$ click 

– clone 8.5€ / 11$ click

– Nano 6€ / 8$ click


– Expansion shield for the Nano 5.5€ / 7$ click


Programming with an USB -> Serial adapter (FTDI)

if you want to program the Pro mini over USB you will need an Serial adapter

– Pro mini 2€ / 2.5$ click

pro mini

– FTDI Programmer 3€ / 4$  click


There are also Nano boards with a CH340G instead of the FTDI chip. Those are cheaper 3€ / 4$ but i haven’t used these yet.


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Inside a Intenso 3,5″ 4TB Portable Drive

I needed a new HDD for my NAS, the only criteria i had were:
– cheap
– 4TB
– from

the cheapest 4TB HDD are around 28,6€/TB ( i found the Intenso
for 30€/TB which i found is a good price. Inside was the Western Digital WD40EZRX which costs 137€ (17€ more) at amazon. A downside of opening the case is losing your warranty. But you can sell the enclosure.

You can open the case by removing the top and bottom Plate. Use an old credit card and/or small screwdriver.

Whats inside the enclosure.
1x HDD (Western Digital WD40EZRX) pdf azn
1x controller board

On the controller board are just 3 chips and some other basic components.
– MXIC 25L5121E 512Kbit Serial Flash Memory (Macronix International)
– ASMedia ASM1053 Sata to USB3.0 Bridge, the ASM1153 is the sucessor
– ITE Tech IT7612 Step down converter



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