Cheap entry to Arduino

There are a lot of guides how to get started with arduino. I just wanted to list some Hardware which you can use.

Plug and Play Solution, just plug in the USB cable and you are good to go.

– genuine  arduino  20€ / 26$ click 

– clone 8.5€ / 11$ click

– Nano 6€ / 8$ click


– Expansion shield for the Nano 5.5€ / 7$ click


Programming with an USB -> Serial adapter (FTDI)

if you want to program the Pro mini over USB you will need an Serial adapter

– Pro mini 2€ / 2.5$ click

pro mini

– FTDI Programmer 3€ / 4$  click


There are also Nano boards with a CH340G instead of the FTDI chip. Those are cheaper 3€ / 4$ but i haven’t used these yet.


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