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Repairing a bricked FTDI USB -> Serial Adapter on WIndows 8.1

I was playing around with an Arduino Nano Clone and programmed it via an USB <-> RS232 Adapter. At first it worked fine, but then the Board was not recognized. I was surprised because this Driver which Bricks the those

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Cheap entry to Arduino

There are a lot of guides how to get started with arduino. I just wanted to list some Hardware which you can use. Plug and Play Solution, just plug in the USB cable and you are good to go. –

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Inside a Intenso 3,5″ 4TB Portable Drive

I needed a new HDD for my NAS, the only criteria i had were: – cheap – 4TB – from the cheapest 4TB HDD are around 28,6€/TB ( i found the Intenso for 30€/TB which i found is a

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